Kickboxing London children's classes are available on selected areas. Please browse through the “Classes” page to find your nearest club.

London Kickboxing has developed its own methods of introducing children to kickboxing. They will not be encouraged to use their newly acquired skills outside the class, except in extreme circumstances. They practice their punching and kicking technique on pads and shields and they are taught the value of team spirit and team work, whilst using their individual skills to succeed.

The starting age may vary slightly depending on the instructor and the average age of the children who attend the class. London Kickboxing instructors are CRB Checked and are trained to work with children. Your child's instructor will have his CRB certificate available for inspection.

London Kickboxing has in place its own Child Protection Policy. All instructors are aware they have a duty of care and must act upon any information, under Section 47 of the Children's Act. A mandatory Risk Assessment of the teaching environment is also carried out, before a given venue is chosen and before and during every session.

The children's classes take into account both the child's age and attention span. Children learn better when they are at play and enjoying themselves. All children are treated as individuals, following the very nature of kickboxing.